Competitive Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski Freestyle)

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WABUZUN UFO CK Complete Boat
Product Number : BUN-12-070
¥ 6,820,000 yen
WABUZUN SS UFO Complete Boat
Product Number : BUN-12-060
¥ 6,710,000 yen

Boat 'Wabuzun'

Born with the intention of making 2 rotations more accessible, it features a new intake shape, changes to the bottom line, and an even sharper riding experience.
With its new design, ultra-lightweight construction, and increased air capacity, it has achieved further power upgrades. It's the recommended boat for those who want to take on and master 2-rotation tricks, and for those who want to challenge themselves and make it!
Product Number : BUN-12-071
¥ 2,420,000 yen
It was born with the desire to allow even heavy-weight individuals to enjoy freestyle. This boat is designed for those with larger body sizes (around 100kg in weight) to also have fun with freestyle. Of course, it's capable of performing 2 rotations as well.
Product Number : BUN-12-061
¥ 2,420,000 yen
This entry-level model has been created with the intention of making freestyle enjoyable for those who are just starting out, beginners, and everyone else. We have put in significant corporate efforts to ensure it's affordable for all. It's manufactured by FPP.
Product Number : BUN-12-081
¥ 726,000 yen

The Engine - 'Waz'

An engine developed with
An engine developed with
Unsatisfied with the status quo, we constantly seek evolution and have pursued the development of a completely original design, a work's engine. It boasts industry-first features like cast cylinders, cast crankcases, and a 21mm stroker crankshaft. Additionally, it includes an exhaust system kit and exhaust valve system to maximize engine power.
WAZB21-R2エンジン 1,200cc
Product Number : BUN-02-119
¥ 1,958,000 yen
BUN FREESTYLE will continue to advance in boat development to ensure that our customers can enjoy freestyle even more. We aim to bring more smiles to our customers' faces.

What is Jet Ski Freestyle?

Jet Ski Freestyle is a competitive water sport that primarily involves showcasing various stunts using stand-up style personal watercraft (PWCs). Competitors perform tricks within a 2-minute time limit, and their performances are scored by judges. In recent years, tricks involving jumps such as barrel rolls and backflips have become a focus for scoring.